Barack Obama: Strange Things Occur When Voters get Scared

President Barack Obama commented on Thursday that strange things can easily occur in politics. He told that it can occur if the voters are scared. He also told that the anguish people throughout the country are finding a voice in the Democratic and Republican parties.

Obama attended the Democratic party fundraising event and told that we need to listen to them. He was seen at the home of venture capitalist and supporter Steve Westly in San Francisco.

Barack Obama told that the country was experiencing a critical moment of election. He denoted as the interesting political moment. He also added that it is too early to start the process of identifying the presidential nominees.

He commented that the people are more anxious, and that is the true situation at present. There have been a lot of changes have taken place in the last seven years he took control. People are seen anxious regardless of the economic and other developments.

Barack Obama reminded that when he was taking in charge of the President position he found hundreds and thousands of people without jobs every month. It was the time where the entire nation was facing the real crisis. They were losing their retirement savings and homes. He added that people are concerned about laboring and income inequality under the political system. They think that the entire political system works opposite to their interests.

Obama commented in such a way that Democrats do not take anything as granted. He added sharply that a country cannot move forward if it is based on politics and themselves. It can move forward only when it is based on political leaders.

Obama told that we can use politics not only to unite people and bring everyone together, but it revolves around you and us. It is ready to blame somebody. Obama gave this speech in Los Angeles at a fundraiser event.

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