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What? Me worry?…

One troubling concern for parents of small children is non-nutritive sucking of thumbs, fingers, pacifiers, or bottles. Will non-nutritive sucking (NNS) lead to orthodontic or facial growth problems? At what age does damage start? Should I encourage my child to stop sucking or wait until the habit is given up naturally? Will forcing a child to give up NNS cause them to develop a substitute habit or psychological disturbance?thumb sucking

Authorities in the field of dental and facial development agree that prolonged NNS can lead to disturbances in tooth position, facial growth and speech development.

The amount of damage is related to the frequency, intensity and duration of the habit, and often needs to be professionally evaluated. The important thing to realize is that the digit or pacifier sucking habit is only part of the picture. The real danger is that the sucking habit changes the dental and oral environment in ways that encourage other, more permanent, problems such as tongue thrust swallowing and abnormal resting position of the tongue. These habits are dangerous because they are more difficult to observe. They are subconscious and therefore, hard to break, and they often continue the problems of facial and dental development even after the NNS habit has been given up.

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Studies show that 50%-70% of children have NNS habits in the first year of life. During this period, NNS is considered normal and perhaps even beneficial. By age four, this percentage is reduced to 25%. By this age, any real benefits of NNS are gone, and all that remains is empty habit. The danger of permanent effects on teeth and jaws is becoming very real. In addition, there are other health and social adjustment problems such as peer rejection which can become problematic as a child makes the transition from close ties with parents at home to a school environment.

Methods of discouraging NNS habits vary greatly, ranging from simple behavior modification problems, to reminders and mild impedances like a sock or glove, to dental devices such as “rakes” or “spurs” that definitely make sucking less pleasurable. Scientific studies have shown that encouraging a child to give up an NNS habit rarely causes the development of nervous habits. To the contrary, giving up sucking usually marks a period of improved self-esteem and social adjustment.

Factors common to all cessation methods are; the desire to stop on the part of the child, the maintenance of the child’s self-esteem and the caring support of family and involved professionals. It is important that the child views the habit correction not as punitive but as something that is beneficial and will help him or her accomplish a goal.

Age five is then the upper limit of when non-nutritive sucking should be discontinued. Warning signs to look for are:


  • Upper front teeth spaced or protruding in front of lower front teeth.
  • Upper front teeth don’t show enough and seem pushed up under the lip.
  • Bite is “open” in front and upper teeth don’t cover the lowers.
  • Tongue seems visible or protruding.
  • Upper row of teeth appears to narrow for the face.
  • Lips are apart at rest.
  • Lower jaw often seems to be moving or wiggling.
  • Lower jaw and chin are shifted to one side.


  • Age five or older.
  • Vigorous sucking.
  • Sucking at school or during the day at home.
  • Family arguments regarding the habit.


  • Lisping (using the tongue to help pronounce sounds like “S”).
  • Substitution of “th” for “s” as in “thither” instead of “sister.”

(Note the above speech signs are normal when upper front baby teeth are missing while being replaced by permanent teeth.)thumb sucking
Dental, speech or other professionals can help in ways other than by placing discouragement devices. It is often possible for an interested bu independent authority to have more impact and success in convincing a child to abandon sucking habits by pointing out the damage that is occurring. When professionals become involved, and the issue is no longer confined to the parent and the child, the sucking habit is less likely to become grounds for a parent/child power struggle.

We recommend examination by an orthodontist at age five if a habit persists, and at age seven if a habit has been given up but any of the above warning signs remain.

An excellent book with more information on this subject is “David Decides” by Susan M. Heitler, Ph.D. It is available at some book stores. We have a copy at our office which we would be pleased to loan.

Air Conditioning Services – Let The Professionals Take Care Of It

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Air Conditioning Services – Let The Professionals Take Care Of It

Have you ever hired a technician to correct an HVAC system problem only to find out later that you could have done it yourself? Even though some of us are allergic to technical faults, sometimes the problem is extremely minor. Numerous homeowners panic on realizing that their HVAC units have some noises, cannot start or are acting strange. They call for help right away not knowing that trying to troubleshoot the machine first could help them avoid unnecessary expenditures. Since heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment have many elements; you will learn how to troubleshoot two items. Let us start with tips on troubleshooting a forced-air gas furnace. AC Repair Bulverde here

First, you should learn to locate the thermostat location. Evaluate it to see if it is turned on the heat status. Use the manual book that came with the system if necessary. The temperature settings on the thermostat should be higher than the room temperature indicated on it. If you find that it is down you must increase it.

Is the furnace power switch turned on? If it is off, you should turn it on. Is the blower off? To switch it on you need to locate the fan switch and press it on. If the blower turns on easily and hence the burners, perhaps the filter is clogged and needs a quick change. Depending on the type of your current filter, you may be required to buy a new one or have it cleaned by an expert. Perhaps even the alternating current coil is clogged and needs to be replaced or thoroughly cleaned.

Check if the electrical panel’s circuit breakers are turned on or off. They should be turned on.

Is your furnace being supplied with gas? Make sure that the gas is switched on to the furnace via a cock located close to the system. Check the return air grilles to make sure that the flow of air is fine. Even the air intake and supply air points should allow optimal airflow. Note: if you do not get your furnace back in proper working condition, you may have to call an HVAC service provider to assist.

The next item that you need to learn how to troubleshoot is a central air conditioner. The steps involved include the following. Ensure that the thermostat is reading the cool status. Assess the outdoor air condensing unit to see if it is working. If it is not working access the electrical panel to see if the circuit breakers are turned on. Assess the outdoor unit power to ensure the disconnect feature is turned on. If the blower motor is not working, perhaps the power switch on the furnace is turned off. Go on and switch it on.

Could the filter be blocked by dust and other particles? This depends on how often you replace your central air conditioner unit filters. If you have ignored this for a long time you should change it. Unblock the return air grills and the supply air points to allow free airflow. Note: if you do not get back your central air conditioner into proper working condition, you may have to call an HVAC service provider to assist.

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Air Conditioning Contractors – Qualifications vs. Experience

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Air Conditioning Contractors – Qualifications vs. Experience

Trying to get the HVAC professionals with the correct credentials is rational and has some merit; nonetheless, by far, the most crucial quality that makes highly effective HVAC contractors is a lot of in-field experience. This is usually obtained through apprenticeships and internships and has to be fully examined before making your selection. You will find that the premier HVAC contractors have qualifications and many years of experience. Please don’t be afraid to call us up and inquire about the experience of the HVAC contractor in question before calling them. More years on the job is better. So selecting the certified best air conditioning repair service contractors with good experience will unquestionably help reduce the risk and set you in secure hands. More on this webpage

What Ought to Be Expecting From Your Selected Best Heating Contractor

Much like any business industry, you should expect your selected HVAC contractor to be prompt, well-mannered, and friendly right from the start. Anything less than that, you might want to give some thought to turning them away and preparing a complaint or publishing an unsatisfactory testimonial on the internet about them. Their attitude will certainly inform you a great deal about the quality of work they’re going to provide. It is essential to expect the appropriate things out of your HVAC contractors.

WARNING: Lower HVAC Costs May Perhaps Equal to Cheap Quality Service

Normally, but not always (there are rare exceptions), the one giving the most affordable prices probably will not be the best air conditioning repair service contractor who can finish the task at a standard that will withstand a critical test. That test is the test of time. Most will want you to assume that you’ll be conserving a ton of cash simply by using them, but the daunting truth is that you’ll need help from some other air conditioning repair service contractors only a short time after. This may have resulted from the HVAC contractor doing the minimum to give the presentation of a well-done job, understanding that they didn’t do it right in the beginning. The cheapest businesses might hurry to get the job done and have employed a substantially a lot less proficient staff. Suspicion ought to be heightened if ever the price of the best air conditioning repair service contractors is far too good to be real.

The Importance of Selecting HVAC Contractors with References

While looking for your new best air conditioning repair service contractors, seek the advice of family for references. They will already have somebody in for comparable work and will know who you can trust and who to look out for. If your family and friends haven’t used anyone, ask co-workers and other folks you depend upon throughout your town for some referrals. Somebody might seem as if they are familiar with what they’re doing. Nonetheless, you can’t simply take their word for it. You’ll want to be able to call preceding clients to realistically get a sincere understanding of what to anticipate from this company.

After an HVAC provider provides several individual references, use them. Contact the people from the list, and inquire about the grade of the work, how carefully the HVAC contractor came to their first price quote, and whether the work was completed in line with the promised timeline. Before picking your best air conditioning repair service contractors, you’ll want to know what you need. It could be tough for the HVAC contractor to offer a cost estimation on the phone when they have not observed your HVAC need themselves. It can be even more troublesome if you don’t make it clear what your specific need is. Setting up a visit or meeting to discuss the challenges is the greatest plan of action and guarantees the two of you have the same information. It all starts with good communication between you and the service provider whenever you are trying to find the absolute best air conditioning repair service contractors.

Conclusion – Do Your Research to Get The Right Best Air Conditioning Repair Service Contractors

Never hire an amateur HVAC contractor to tackle the job.
Keep clear of unfriendly and uncooperative HVAC contractors.
If uncertain, get a second and third opinion from other quality HVAC contractors.
Do not use HVAC solutions touting the cheapest prices.
Only try to use the best air conditioning repair service contractors that’ll guarantee quality service.
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