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Cockroaches are great health hazards due to their ability to contaminate food and utensils, transmitting many diseases related to the human digestive systems like dysentery and gastroenteritis. Call our cockroach exterminators today.Roach Control

They also carry antigens that can prove hazardous to asthma patients. While most of the species of cockroach display similar characteristics, let us explore more information about the American Cockroach, one of the largest species from this family of pests.

The American Cockroach

Being recorded its total length around one and half-inch, this is known as the largest cockroach in the United States. Although this species (adult) has fully developed flying abilities, they hardly fly. They display these flying abilities in particularly warm weather to escape from the heat.

American Cockroach Reproduction

Thousands of young ones can be produced by a single couple of most species of cockroaches, throughout the year. Being recorded, a female is capable of producing up to 50 sacks, each measuring 8mm X 5mm counting 10-16 eggs per sack. The sacks are most often attached to objects that are transported… for example, wooden crates or cardboard boxes. In 6-12 months the larvae mature. The cockroach achieves maturity after 10 months to a year and lives only for an additional year.

American Cockroach Habitat

They are generally found in damp, warm, and dark places, away from human activities like roof areas, subfloors, rubbish dumps, and unoccupied dwellings. They mostly prefer rotting organic waste as a primary food source; although they have great abilities to survive without food for months.pest control

Their habitat comprises areas containing moisture and food, usually near human activities like near water heaters or under sinks and cupboards, pantries, and kitchen. They have another amazing ability -to keep themselves in the narrowest gaps like cracks and cervices as they can pull their fore and hind legs extremely close to the body. If you happen to see a cockroach during the daylight then maybe you are seeing only the tip of an iceberg because cockroaches are nocturnal insects.

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San Antonio Estate Sales – Estate Liquidators Texas

Your father passed away a few months ago and you live thousands of miles from where he retired.

You called a realtor, put the house up for sale, and it sold quickly. The buyers want possession in 30 days and the house is full of dad’s things.

If the estate is in our area, call us. There’s a good possibility we can have the house empty and a check in your hands before the closing date.

Chances are, we will make you more money than other estate liquidators in the area. Here are 10 reasons why.

For some estates, an outright estate buyout may be the best option. It all depends upon your situation and timing.

Our team sells nearly anything you can name when liquidating an estate and selling estate vehicles is our specialty.

When you call our Estate Sale Company

If you are from out of town, here’s what you can expect:
We’ll discuss the location of the estate, your time requirements, and try to get an idea of the general make up of the items to be sold.

If your estate, the location, and the time frame sound like a possible match for our team, we’ll need to make an onsite visit to assess the “estate value/labor investment ratio” which is what we base our commission rate on.

Since you live out of town, you may not be able to accompany us on this initial “walk through assessment”. Some estate executors provide us a key and we do this step on our own. Or, you may be able to have your realtor accompany us or a friend or neighbor who lives in the area. Whatever suits your level of comfort will suit us.

We Use The Latest Technology To Document Your Items

During our initial walkthrough, we’ll film a short video for you of the estate premises and contents.

This will give you a “refreshed visual image” of what’s there and may help you make a decision regarding things you might want us to set aside for you.

If you hire our company to handle your estate liquidation, you can expect us to be in close contact with you all the way. Technology makes this very convenient.

For instance, anytime we come across an item that we think you may have an interest in, we can take a picture and email it to you on the spot! You can tell us, “Save it for me” or “Sell it”, but we give you that choice.

With your check, we’ll always send you a packet of any photos, important papers, or any items you’ve requested or that we’ve found.

We know it’s hard to be distantly removed from something as overwhelming as liquidating a lifetime of belongings. We strive to keep you “in the loop” in any way we can.

There is never a charge for our consultations and never any “up-front” fees. So, if you see an estate sale in your future, please call us for a free consultation.

Personal Injury Lawyers – Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Every year thousands of trucks safely pass through San Antonio, but on occasion, a negligent truck driver will cause an accident that results in serious injury for motorists. A commercial truck weighs between 40,000 to 80,000 pounds, and can easily damage a 4,000-pound private vehicle. In the event of a serious accident involving a negligent truck driver, it is strongly advised for the victims of the trucking accident to seek legal assistance. A professional personal injury lawyer who is experienced in trucking accidents, can properly assess your case and determine your rightful compensation.

Establishing Liability

In any personal injury lawsuit, liability must be established to recover compensation. An experienced trucking accident attorney can help you maximize your claim by identifying as many defendants as possible. A number of different parties can be at fault: the truck driver, the truck owner, the trucking company, truck manufacturer, brake manufacturer, or other drivers. Because establishing liability is so complicated, it is imperative to entrust your case with someone who has successfully represented truck accident victims and has the resources to secure full and fair compensation for you. More here @

Trucking Accident Attorneys

The truck accident attorneys at our firm have a track record of successfully representing clients against insurance companies. In a single case, our Texas trucking accident lawyers recovered 1.3 million dollars on behalf of a widow and small child whose father had been killed in a truck accident. Our truck accident attorneys have the experience, resources, and understanding of personal injury law to build your case. We reconstruct every accident and consult leading engineering, medical, and road construction experts to analyze the full extent of damages and liability of your trucking accident.

Call Us Today

An accident involving a commercial truck is rarely minor, because of the full size and weight of a large truck, such accidents leave victims with catastrophic injuries. If you have been a victim of a trucking accident, you deserve to be compensated for the medical fees, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and the damages a permanent disability will burden you with. We offer free consultations to all potential clients, so call us today to schedule an appointment. An experienced trucking accident attorney will explain your rights and the steps you can take to protect your rightful compensation. Seek the justice you deserve. Seek the compensation you are entitled to.

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