Lamar Odom Makes His Maiden Public Appearance With Kanye

All eyes turned to Lamar Odom as he walked with his brother-in-law Kanye West. The duo was conspicuous with their presence at the Fashion Week on Thursday. Odom was seen at a public event for the first time after he was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada after an overdose of cocaine. The event happened in October last year in Las Vegas. Odom left Khloe Kardashian and had moved to a private facility from Los Angeles hospital in January this year.

The crowd was all cheers for Odom as the duo walked to take their seat with Kardashian and Jenners’. The crowd had gathered for West’s show at the Madison Square Garden. Odom and West seemed to be close and reports from the TMZ sports has it that the West supported Odom during his rehabilitation and also visited him in the hospital while he was recovering. During his hospital visit, he used to play rough cuts to Odom. The best part was Odom was able to remember the lyrics to the tune showing his improvement.

Odom wanted to return this gesture by being part of the event. He did not mind to travel all the way to the event despite staying away from the public for months. Odom wanted to express his gratitude to West. He wanted to display his support and love for West by attending the event. The showcase of affection between the two was seen when West walked Odom to the seat where the family was seated.

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