LeSean McCoy Caught up in Alleged Assault at Nightclub, Say Police

Buffalo Bills racing back LeSean McCoy was absolutely caught up in a supposed nightclub assault on Sunday, Philadelphia police say. Frank Banford, Captain, told ESPN’s Mark Schwarz on Thursday that charges from the incident are approaching while not saying that he will be accused.

No conclusion on probable arrest warrants was expected till next week, CSN Philly reported. However, Frank Banford said he never knows that and how the media outlet would have that information.

For assaulting two off-duty police officers early Sunday at the Recess Lounge, McCoy is one of the four individuals under investigation. The district attorney’s office wanted to be thorough prior determining the possible charges, a police official told ESPN.

On Tuesday, outside The Lines’ John Barr, a lawyer for McCoy told that his client will turn himself if he is charged. On Thursday, Jack McMahon told ESPN, he withdrew from being McCoy’s attorney.

Philadelphia police released a statement that on Monday that is around 2:45 a.m. Sunday in the nightclub fight, two off-duty officers were injured. A third off-duty officer was also involved in the fight, CSNPhilly.com reported.

According to the police statement, the argument began over ownership of a champagne bottle. President of a police union, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5, on Monday, John McNesby spoke to Barr to explain the level of physical injury to the officers. He stated that it was all-out beatdown with broken bones as well serious injuries. The officers are hurt, and they are in pain. He stated that these are injuries. McNesby, though he protected the officers, did not get the details regarding who prompted the physical quarrel.

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